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> Description: Looking for LFP battery
Sent: 26 01, 2018 - 17:07:51
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I didn't find any LFP (LiFePO4 or iron phosphate) batteries on your website.... but just to give you a detail on the batteries we need :

The batteries will be used for small scale university research project so we don't need that many. Just Cu, Ni tabs sticking out is fine.

We just need the cathode to be lithium phosphate batteries, with capacity around 1000mAh, even smaller is okay too, since they are for small scale lab research. The size can be anything. Typical battery size of ~50 mm x ~50 mm x ~30 mm should be fine. Size doesn't have to be exact and we don't need high C-rate performance. 1C should be fine. We previously purchased cells from here:

but the performance of the batteries were terrible.they showed very high self-discharge behavior. this is why we are looking for other companies to purchase them.

thanks for your help!

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